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Niche-based recruitment solution for corporate and large-scale businesses

Why choose SOS recruitment solutions?

SOS identifies the company’s human capital requirements, and our consultants do an extensive & exhaustive search to cull out the right candidates. To achieve a more comprehensive screening, our consultants compliment personal interviewing with assessment tools to ensure that the personality traits are favorable to the organization’s culture and environment.

The internal processes & mechanisms followed for recruitment and their robust governance model at SOS ensure that only the best-fit candidates are presented to our client’s specific needs.

SOS Recruitment Services

Identifying the requirements and need for the role


Job design


Designing job and person descriptions


Candidate screening


Candidate profiling


Short-listing applicants




Pre-employment checks & gathering references


How does SOS help your business in recruiting?

  • Allocate the right person to the right job
  • Improve hiring quality
  • Improve recruitment performance
  • Minimize recruitment process costs
  • Leverage employee retention, thus achieving a higher return on human capital investment

More solutions to meet your needs

SOS provides more services to clients, ensuring the best results and effectively meeting the business goals.