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Whenever the need for outsourcing is expressed, be it for front-line staff or specialist roles, or even seasoned experts – across industries, SOS delivers and surpasses the expectations of its clients.

Why choose SOS outsourcing Solutions?

SOS Provides contractual staffing solutions and payroll management to corporates and projects. We have outsourced well-trained & talented professionals to several leading companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

SOS manages the terms of employment of the outsourced staff as per the clients’ policies and applicable regulations. SOS provides outsourcing services like payroll management and contractual workforce to organizations.

Outsourcing Solutions

What SOS can provide to an Employer:

  • Reduce costs through superior performance
  • Our expertise and skills of 40 years of experience in outsourcing to different types of clients in various fields are readily available and development or logistics
  • Our credibility as we implement all processes as per the UAE labor law and follow the immigration and all other government requirements
  • Improve management and control – SOS can provide outsourcing services for salary transfers on time, employee leave management; we also provide medical insurance, security clearance, etc.
  • Improve risk management – employees will be on SOS visas – so the responsibility is shared as they are SOS employees.
  • The request we obtain from the employee will be verified with the employer and if required, approval will be obtained before any decision or implementation from us without creating any hindrance for them.

What SOS can provide to an Employee:

  • Timely salaries provided to candidates based on approved timesheets, mostly by the last week of the month or within 2 days from the receipt of timesheets
  • Any-time support or assistance
  • Coordination to acquire the government security approvals/passes etc.
  • Dedicated services to assist employees

PRO services for an Employee:

  • Marhaba Services
  • Transportation arrangements such as airport pick-ups and drops for mobilization and demobilization
  • Assistance in applying for Driving Licenses
  • Health Insurance such as Daman, NAS, NEXT Care, Healthnet, etc.
  • Assistance in addressing the formalities for applying for visas, permits, etc.

How does SOS help your business in outsourcing?

We outsource only the highest quality professionals worldwide to give new meaning to the term “manpower.” At SOS, the outsourcing solutions provide pass through three important stages, which are;

Joining Support

As per the client instructions, we provide employment offer letters, labor contracts, visas, labor cards, medical insurance, and all other benefits to the employee approved by the client.

Tenure Support

Our commitment to providing the exact package and benefits as mentioned by the client for the tenure of the contractual employment on SOS payroll.

Exit Support

Final settlements, demobilization letters, experience letters, etc.

More solutions to meet your needs

SOS provides more services to clients, ensuring the best results and effectively meeting the business goals.