Assessment based on proven tests & methodologies enhances productivity

SOS employs psychometric assessments to assess and identify key traits of an individual who can fit right to the required job & company requirements.

Why choose us?

SOS also provides Psychometric Assessments to our valued clients as a part of the recruitment process, enabling organizations to recruit the right candidates to retain them and develop them.

SOS has been providing objective management systems and assessment tools that help businesses solve their people’s puzzles. These assessments enable organizations to understand, realize and develop the full potential of their staff by giving them the tools to raise self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Assessment tools & services

SOS follows a proven strategy to assess an individual, following the below tools and services.

Behavioral Profiling (Personal Profile analysis - PPA)

PPA gives an overview of an individual’s work behavioral preferences. Their strengths and limitations, their communication abilities, what motivates them, etc.

Job Profiling

Job profiling enables organizations to find the right match for the right job by defining behavioral characteristics needed to succeed in a particular role.

Aptitude & Ability (General Intelligence Assessment - GIA)

These assessments are a reliable predictor of a person’s development potential – how quickly they can learn and retain new skills and procedures. Aptitude and ability tests can also measure hard competencies and levels of knowledge.

Emotional Intelligence (EIQ)

People don’t tend to leave jobs, they leave managers. EIQ can give people the edge they need to lead, manage and perform in today’s competitive and complex marketplace.

Competency Feedback (360 Degree)

360 is an easily accessible, web-based tool that gives objective and honest feedback from a range of people within the organization such as peers, line managers, or even team members and outside such as clients or suppliers. The 360 report presents a complete and informed picture of a person.

Skills Online

Skills Online is a series of over 100 tests designed to measure hard competencies and skills such as MS Office, call center listening and keying, keyboard and secretarial skills as well as literacy and numeracy.
For all the all above assessments & services, SOS has partnered with Thomas International Psychometric Assessment from the UK.

More solutions to meet your needs

SOS provides more services to clients, ensuring the best results and effectively meeting the business goals.